Presented Waynesboro’s Best Kept Secret

waynemanuOn Saturday June 6 is the 71st anniversary of D-day.  Who would guess that this small town of Waynesboro, VA would play an important role by outfitting warships during WWII?  This was a job done so well, the Company received three U.S.  Maritime Commission’s coveted “M” Award to the company and all of the employees.

“The Company outfitted in excess of 1,000 vessels and developed the quarter’s design and standards for many classes of ships… utilizing a manufacturing assembly process which approximates the unitized production methods of modern shipbuilding today.”  (Quote from 1940’s memo, Overview of Corporate History.)  Below is the flag presented to Wayne manufacturing from the U.S. Maritime Museum for its efforts in World War II. Every six months a star was added to the flag for continued manufacturing of wartime ship parts.


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