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Marriage Tradition Of The Ancient Cherokee

We're right of the middle of February, so I thought: what better time to talk about the ancient Cherokee love and marriage traditions that help hold our nation together. While they may be the typical love stories in modern...
Sequoyah Painting Displaying Cherokee Language

Sequoyah: A Great Cherokee Indian

There are lots of things in life that we take for granted. We are so used to them being there that we forget how important they really are. Sometimes, we only see their value in their absence. One of...
restaraurants during covid

Our Favorite Cherokee Restaurants Open During COVID-19

The vast effect of the Coronavirus is felt all over the world and everyone is affected. It was on March 27th that Cherokee had its first-ever COVID-19 positive case. Since then, there have been changes made in order to help...
Rough Ridge Lookout On Blue Ridge Parkway North Carolina

Tips For Safe Driving In The North Carolina Mountains

What the Smokey Mountains the surround Cherokee doesn’t have in the way of jutting peaks and valleys of the Rockies in the Central US, it makes up for with abundant wildlife, trails galore, and – of course – the...
Nikwasi Mound - Franklin NC - BelleHearth.com

The Nikwasi Mound – Home Of The Fighting Nunne’Hi

On East Main Street in Franklin, NC, there is a strange i little park almost wholly dominated by an artificial hill covered in carefully maintained grass. Traffic whizzes by,and no one seems to pay the mound much attention. Which is...
North Carolina Mountains

Places You Must Explore in the North Carolina Mountains

North Carolina Mountains is more than just a tourist spot. The different kinds of attraction that are present in this place bring out a homely feeling that is sure to capture everyone’s imagination. As a result, coming ahead to witness...